Why ATR Works..

by Mary Jo Campbell Cambridge on January 29th, 2016

Have you ever stood in the middle of a gym and been dumbfounded? I have, and I have a Master’s degree in Sports Medicine. Recently, I visited a giant, first-class facility that offered everything but group circuit training. I stood in the middle of dumbbells, power racks and cardio equipment, and said to myself, “What am I supposed to do now?” I figured out a small circuit for myself while others curiously looked on.
The fitness industry amasses billions annually offering new trends and gimmicks to change your body and life. 
The average consumer, pursuing the perfect body usually tries one or more diet or gadget and fails, often, worse off than when they started. Be honest, is the treadmill, bike or Bowflex in your garage or basement used for anything but a drying rack? Don’t feel bad. You are not alone. Well, you are alone… and that is the problem.
There are no short cuts to success, in anything. If it looks to good to be true, it probably is. 
You need to put the time and effort in to change your life. Whether you want to feel and look younger, be thinner or stronger, it takes good old fashioned WORK! The difficulty of that work is multiplied by 100 if you are alone in your efforts. Most of us are multi-taskers, by nature. With the strong temptations to do other things besides exercise, we are setting ourselves up for failure if we train alone.
At the Alaska Training Room, whether it is 6:30 am or 5:30 pm people stream in by the dozens to work out TOGETHER. They have established bonds with people who have a common goal. They are accountable to others because there is strength and energy in numbers. Success is still work, but with others, it is FUN. When was the last time you exercised with a video, by yourself and said, “Wow, that was so much fun!” 
Instead of heading to happy hour at night, there are three dozen folks who sweat, laugh, chat, and literally work their butts off while knowledgeable and experienced instructors supervise and guide the workout. Every burpee, every plank, is called by the coach.  The workout is changed weekly and designed with function in mind.
Knowledge, experience, function and fun. All of this matters.  Knowledge matters: creating a workout that is metabolically challenging, can be performed whether you are 8 or eighty, yet prevents injury, is an art. Only 30 years of experience in sports medicine can give you that. Experience matters: knowing when to push and when to modify, knowing how to cue when an exercise is not being performed correctly, is also an art. Fun and accountability: creating an environment that fosters camaraderie and acceptance reflects the coach’s openness and affection for people. At ATR all you have to do is show up! Like a scene from ‘Cheers’, ‘where everyone knows your name’ it is nice to feel a part of something strong and positive. You don’t have to think about or choose your workout, just move with the flow of the class and in 60 minutes you will be hooked.
Functional Circuit Training using High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), with an experienced and creative Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, is the most efficient way to train.  Improving your cardiovascular fitness, building lumbar and thoracic stability for posture and athletic strength. Developing core strength, power, agility and flexibility for the rigors of daily life and sport are all obtained by deliberate exercise selection and manipulating its intensity and volume.
Only a very experienced practitioner can mold that platform. What you receive in return are the side effects of vigorous training: increased lean muscle mass, decreased body fat, improved CV effects, sleep and moods improve through an increase in vitality. You leave feeling younger, happier and healthier. 
At ATR, Knowledge, experience and creativity are key. Maintaining low overhead by using practical and functional  equipment allows the owner, Mary Jo Cambridge, and her energetic and caring staff to provide Homer with the highest quality and best value in fitness. What are you waiting for?

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