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"Whether you are young, or just 'young at heart',
ATR is the place to be!"

Since June 2012, we have taken this journey together.  ATR is an investment in your health and is the cheapest insurance you can buy. Aging and disease are a steady tide to swim against and it takes vigorous exercise to keep them at bay.  Join me at the Alaska Training Room and I will show you how to be younger and healthier now.

- A note from Mary Jo

For 30 years, I had a dream of providing an environment that could merge
the elite athlete and the Sunday athlete in complete harmony and camaraderie.
Group interval training that is based on the latest evidenced-based science has
always been, to me, the most motivational way to train. Some say, “misery loves
company,” but I say, “the more the merrier”.

Growing up, I was one of 8 children. We were, and still are, incredibly close. We
did everything together and still do. Now there are 21 grandchildren and 17 great-grands to make the
group even merrier and full of love. It is with that core value, ’family’ that I began
my journey with the people of Homer in 2012. It is here, that I have found a community that
feels like home. My mission is to ‘make a difference’ to this community by providing
the tools to help each person reach their full, physical potential.

I bring to Homer a wealth of experience, training and knowledge. I want to educate
the young and the ‘young at heart’ in proper strength and conditioning techniques.
With a focus on injury prevention, proper growth and development and proper
nutrition I believe each of us can reach our highest goals and dreams.

The number of world-class athletes in Homer astounds me. For the size of this
village, there is an athleticism at the core of its’ being that I have seen nowhere else.
Multi-sport participation from birth, a year-round outdoor recreational focus and
a ‘live life to the fullest’ attitude has made Homer a genetic gem.

It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I ask you to take these first steps with me
and as I say to my Homer High School Softball Team…


Mary Jo Cambridge, Founder and Head Athletic Trainer

Mary Jo brings to Homer over 40 years of athletic training and strength and conditioning experience. Most recently, she worked as Head Athletic Trainer for the United States Tennis Association and trained many Junior and Pro athletes at both the US Open and Wimbledon.

Prior to that, she specialized in sand training on the beach in Malibu, CA, while working with junior tennis players as well as climbers and ultra-endurance athletes. Mary Jo was an Athletic Trainer/Exercise Specialist at the Palm Beach Institute of Sports Medicine in Boca Raton, Fla., from 1995-98. In 1998, she played professional baseball for the Florida Legends of the Ladies Professional Baseball League.

Mary Jo spent seven years at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, as Head Athletic Trainer from 1992-95, directing all aspects of the school’s athletic training program. She was Head Softball Coach and Assistant Athletic Trainer at the University from 1987-1991.

Originally from Bethlehem, Pa., Mary Jo graduated from Longwood College in Farmville, Va., in 1986 with a degree in Physical Education and Athletic Training, and then earned a Master of Education in Athletic Training and Sports Medicine from the University of Virginia in 1987. Mary Jo is a current member of both the National Athletic Trainer's Association and the National Strength and Conditioning Association; she is also certified in American Red Cross CPR/AED & First Responder.

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