NO !!! Crossfit is merely a brand name. I am not an affiliate of this brand, nor do I subscribe to their philosophy.  I specialize in FUNCTIONAL training.  I offer a wide variety of workouts and exercises to stimulate the musculoskeletal and central nervous systems.  It is both FUN and FUNCTIONAL for the unique population that I train here in Homer, Alaska. If you live in Homer, the  Alaska Training Room is the place to be! I AM ATR, R U ??

Why Group Body Weight Training?

Circuit training, like interval training, is a great way to keep your body challenged, vary your workouts, and avoid plateaus. This type of training involves keeping your heart rate up in between more specific muscle strengthening moves. Exercises on the circuit alternately focus on balance, strength, and agility. Each exercise on the circuit can be modified to accommodate individual strengths and goals and largely use body weight, some free weights, and resistance. All exercises can be modified to suit the beginning exerciser to the elite athlete.

Circuit training really helps you maximize the efficiency of your workout. It is designed to strengthen muscles while blasting calories. While your heart rate recovers it becomes easier to breathe. As a result, you will flood your muscles with oxygen rich blood, tone up, and burn fat.

I have worked in the some of the most beautiful fitness facilities in the world. They were lined with machines and equipment that cost a great deal of money and largely went unused. In this fast-paced society, people want to get the most for their
time and money while still achieving results. Group training with an emphasis on preventing muscle imbalances offers a great workout for individuals of all ages.

By training in groups, I am able to offer the most bang for your time and your buck. Checkout the testimonial page if you are wondering what kind of results others have had. Results may vary from person to person but you will definitely have fun. There are no short cuts…you have to do the work. I think you’ll find that not only will you and your family obtain the greatest fitness value in Homer, but you will also have fun while doing it!

What can I expect from a group session?

Every session includes a proper dynamic warm-up, a heart pumping 30 to 45 minutes of functional exercises, and a proper cool down period of core strengthening and static stretching. Once the class starts, it moves fast so tardiness will not be tolerated. Register to attend a complimentary Adult weekday class and experience the workout for yourself.

What should I bring to class?

You will need to bring indoor athletic shoes. NO OUTDOOR shoes are permitted. Shoes and shirts are required at all times. No exercise bras or swim tops. It is recommended to bring a full water bottle and towel. There will be filtered water available if you run out of water. We have a strict tardiness-no admittance policy so please be on time. Also, due to the nature of the classes, we must ask that children not be brought to the facility during class times.

How do I get started?

If you'd like to try a class, you can register online for a complimentary class. We recommend attending an Adult weekday class as a first step. You will learn proper technique and get a feel for the warm up, the exercises on the circuit, cool down, and stretches. This also gives us a chance to get to know you, your needs and goals.

Can I bring a friend?

Members may bring a guest, provided they register online prior to attending class. The first class is complimentary, if you live in the Homer area and a three-class pass may be purchased on the membership page. For liability purposes, registration is required of all guests, prior to participation.

Do you offer classes for children?

Yes, there are several offerings for school-age children, including class offerings specifically designed for student-athletes. Read more about growth and development of children and how the Training Room can help them grow safely and effectively.